Cultural areas of the Pont du Gard

Les espaces culturels du Pont du Gard
Find out all about the history of the Pont du Gard and the Nîmes aqueduct

Covering an area of almost 6,000 m2, and featuring a number of media centres, take a spectacular trip back to the Gallo-Roman era and travel back in time to discover why and how the Pont du Gard was built and has survived the passage of time in such a well-preserved state. 

The cultural centre offers you :

  • a large immersive museum with an impressive scenography to learn all about the history of the Pont du Gard and the Roman way of life
  • a play area for children to explore the themes of Roman times, archaeology, water management and sustainable development.
  • a cinema with a film on the history of the Pont du Gard from its construction to the present day.
Le musée du Pont du Gard
The Pont du Gard Museum

This unique centre on the genius of the Roman builders offers a journey through time, in several sections.

Plunge into the heart of Roman civilisation and discover its art of living and the importance of water in the city, which led to the need to build aqueducts throughout the empire.

As your visit progresses, you can admire all the ingenuity of this civilisation through a reconstruction of the colossal construction site. From the quarry where they extracted almost 50,000 tonnes of stone, to the techniques used to build the canal and the arches, the staging shows the life of the site, the men and trades, the know-how, the tools...

The tour concludes with the use and representation of the Pont du Gard over time, a way of understanding its current state of preservation and interpreting all the traces and marks of the journeymen of the trade that litter the monument.

Espace Ludo pour les enfants
Children's play area

Learning while having fun is the motto of this site, entirely dedicated to children aged 5 to 12! Playing the role of a Roman schoolboy, a budding archaeologist or a hydrologist, your little ones will be able to understand the history of the Pont du Gard site, through a whole range of themes: Roman times, science, nature and the use of water.

It's a fun, educational and invigorating world for children.

Le cinéma du Pont du Gard
The Pont du Gard cinema

A 12-minute documentary film entitled "Un pont traverse le temps" (A bridge through time) is being shown in a cinema on a loop. As a prelude to exploring the site, the film uses beautiful images and illustrations to retrace the 2,000-year history of the Pont du Gard.

Young and old alike can enjoy this session, which is accessible to all ages and languages. All you have to do is let yourself be carried away by the choreography of the images!

Visiting is good but learning is better!

For those who would like to go beyond the surface, the museum staff propose a rich and interesting programme of activities throughout the exhibition. Lectures, guided tours... these activities are aimed at enthusiasts but also anyone who is just passing through... Ask for more information at the reception desk!

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