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Creative workshops


During the school holidays and every Wednesday during the low season, the Pont du Gard site puts children in the spotlight! Our guides propose a number of Roman lifestyle inspired creative workshops for children and their families. These 100% hands-on workshops will develop the creativity and imagination of young and old alike!

Left bank
1h30 to 2h

€6 / child and €12 / adult participating in the workshop. Free for accompanying adults (at least but no more than 1 adult/family)

All weather conditions
Suitable for disabled people
Animals not allowed

Our creative workshops

Making a leather bulla

Discover the world of Roman childhood with your family by creating your own leather bulla. The bulla was small pouch containing lucky charms hung around the neck of future Roman citizens.
The young Romans will leave with their own amulet and use it to keep their most beautiful secrets safe.

Making a wreath

Create your own roman headwear. After choosing and tying the plants that will make up the arrangement, everyone will leave with their own composition and, thus adorned, be able to celebrate their small victories or the renewal of the seasons.

Making an ancient game

A workshop through which parents and children can discover Gallo-Roman games of skill and strategy. You can make your own antique game in an attractive leather pouch that you can take away with you.

Preparing a Roman snack

Discover the flavours of Gallo-Roman cuisine with two delicious recipes. On the menu: cheese and dessert... with flavoured moretum and dates filled with pine nuts. Two recipes to that both young and old will enjoy!

Making a bird feeder

Discover the world of basketry by creating a bird feeder.
After weaving the rattan strands, our budding basket makers will be able leave with their creations. Filled and hung outside the house, they will delight all our feathered friends.

Organisation de visites sur le site du Pont du Gard
New for 2023

Come and celebrate your birthday on the Pont du Gard! 
Every Wednesday, the Pont du Gard site offers the chance to organise your child's birthday party in its special birthday room. What better way to celebrate this special day than with entertainment in such an exceptional venue? Unforgettable memories for your children, that will stay forever!


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