"Light as Space" An exhibition by Yasuhiro Chida

At the invitation of the Pont du Gard, Échangeur 22 and the Département du Gard, the Japanese artist Yasuhiro Chida presents a multi-faceted exhibition where visitors are invited to discover spaces transformed by light.

"Light as Space"

When the transparent penetrates the tangible

light as space

Lyrical and contemplative, his art uses light and natural elements to question our awareness of space and the transformations of our bodily sensations. The fruit of complex protocols and simple gestures, his immersive installations, sometimes discreet and sometimes monumental, plunge spectators into unstable environments that challenge and rewrite their perceptual habits. 

The loss of reference points helps to immerse visitors as close as possible to the works, stimulating sensations that are at once powerful, playful and meditative: an immersive experience for all the family.

Analemma - Afteral - Spectrum - Myrkviðr - Moving Silence: "Art as Space" brings together a number of key works by this internationally acclaimed Japanese artist, whose creations have for more than twenty years explored the many links between light, time and space - visible, invisible and tangible - in public spaces, the natural environment and museums. 

The exhibition is produced by the Établissement public du Pont du Gard, in partnership with Échangeur 22 and the Département du Gard.
- Works: Yasuhiro CHIDA
- Assistants: Cassandre Lecocq, Daisuke Matsumoto, Hirohiko Koyamada, Motoi Ushiro, Olena Dereviankina, Yasuhiro Sumii
- Technical support (Aftereal): Olaf Schraa
- Music: Asako Miyaki

light as space


Né en 1977 à Kanagawa (Japon) et diplômé en architecture, Yasuhiro CHIDA crée des installations monumentales immersives questionnant « la conscientisation de l’espace » et « la transformation des sensations somatiques », dont il tire l’inspiration de sa pratique de l’alpinisme en haute altitude et de l’escalade sur glace.
En 2019, Artdex a inclus son nom dans l’article « Ever-Renewing Power of Light Art : 9 Brilliant Light Artists You Need to Know » (2019).
Parmi ses activités récentes on mentionne, entre autres : la Fête des Lumières de Lyon (2021) ; le Festival des Lumières de Taichung (Taïwan, 2021) ; le Kunst Fest Spiele d’Hanovre (Allemagne, 2020); le festival Luminale de Francfort (Allemagne, 2020) ; l’International Light Art Award de Unna (Allemagne, 2019 ; prix du public) ; Wonderspaces (Etats-Unis, 2019) ; le Festival des Lumières d'Amsterdam (2017, 2018); le festival SIGNAL (République tchèque, 2016).
Il est actuellement en train de construire son musée d’art, le « Museum of Spatial Art », à Tatsuno (Nagano, Japon).

Practical information:
Rive Gauche, in the Temporary Exhibition Hall.

From 21 April to 1 October 2023- Exhibition extended until 5 november 2023

Opening times: Every day from 10am to 12.30pm and from 2pm to 5pm, except Monday mornings.
Admission included in the Discovery Pass.

In July and August 2023:
Guided tour of the exhibition at 11 am on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays and at 4 pm and 5.30 pm from Monday to Friday. Meeting point in front of the exhibition hall. Free for visitors with an admission ticket.