EXPO: Common land for cultivation

The Pont du Gard is hosting an original exhibition by the artist Florian Monfrini. It will take place outdoors over two weekends in May, in the form of an itinerary alternating between pictorial works, installations and drawings...

On 11, 12, 18 and 19 May 2024, at the Mémoires de Garrigue site on the Pont du Gard, Montpellier-born painter Florian Monfrini will be presenting his latest works - paintings, drawings and sculptures - in an exhibition entitled "Étendue de terre commune à la culture.

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Mémoires de Garrigue, located on the Pont du Gard, is a landscape that reflects centuries of human influence, from agriculture to pastoralism, that have shaped the Mediterranean terrain. The garden, designed by Véronique Mure, explores the rich history and lasting impression of this agro-sylvo-pastoral environment, highlighting its importance in understanding the changing relationship between humans and landscapes in the Mediterranean region.

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This project, which is both an outdoor experience and an interpretive journey, is a living testimony to the region's complex history and its continuing relevance today.
"Driven by themes linked to the garden, agriculture, ecosystems and living together, my working process allows me to grasp and explore these themes, to flush with horizons, to trace the contours of a world, of a polyphonic choir where each element finds its voice." Florian Monfrini

expo MDG

The exhibition is open to visitors to the Pont du Gard.