Exposition IAV (Intelligence Artificielle Vivante) de Jimmy RICHER

Le Site du Pont du Gard accueille l'exposition IAV (Intelligence Artificielle Vivante) de Jimmy Richer du 1er octobre au 7 novembre 2021, en partenariat avec le Département du Gard, Gard, l’EPCC Pont du Gard, la Drac Occitanie, le Frac Occitanie-Montpellier, le Frac Franche-Comté, Échangeur 22 et le CACN Centre d’art contemporain de Nîmes.

Jimmy Richer, IAV (Intelligence Artificielle Vivante)


The IAV (Artificial Intelligence Living) exhibition is part of a large project: at the beginning, an artistic residence "Modus Vivendi", during 3 months, within the Voltaire school in Remoulins around different artistic actions involving students. The idea was to work on the current building of the Voltaire school, which is about to disappear, around an editorial project. Inventing stories to better inhabit the world and particularly to reconnect with our humanities during this period where we could add a crisis of sensitiveness to the sanitary one.

The exhibition will feature a series of large-scale drawings by Jimmy Richer, a performance by Chloé Viton on the opening day, a sound piece by Guilhem Causse as well as a selection of works from the Frac Occitanie-Montpellier and the Frac Franche-Comté.

Part of the exhibition will be created on site by the artist in the days preceding the opening of the exhibition, which will be an opportunity to present these unpublished and ephemeral works of Jimmy Richer. The main theme of the IAV exhibition is the questioning of ecology and the transformation of the world.


For Jimmy Richer, IAV (I A V for Living Artificial Intelligence) is also Yahweh, a small trivial god who has become universal, and it evokes something distant: there was. The very architecture of the A for artificial includes the I for intelligence and the V for living: after all, wouldn't every living intelligence be the result of an artifice? Every area of life that we know is the result of hundreds of thousands of years of geological, vegetal and animal transformations; from the air we breathe, to the fruits we eat, to the earth we walk on. Artifice is not the prerogative of the human species but of the living in all its diversity, its transformations and metamorphoses.


Presentation of Jimmy Richer :


"Halfway between a whimsical herald, an alchemist of the fragment and a dealer of the absurd, Jimmy Richer creates a deck of cards and redistributes them: syncretic and constructed by layers, his images achieve a moving synthesis between the registers of knowledge and the most different graphic and visual codes. The meticulous line of ancient engraving rubs shoulders with the clear line of the comic strip and the imaginary tattoo, baroque opulence blends with pop stylization, science and legend dare to be humorous. Along this walk in the history of the graphic image and of disclosure, the mediums are put into play, the engraving and the fresco come back in contemporary wall-painting, the marquetry in installation, for creations all the more conceptual that they are crafted.


Pour Jimmy Richer, les médiums ne sont jamais des finalités en soi, mais toujours des canaux pour véhiculer un contenu et favoriser une lecture à la fois plus attentive et plus légère de l’art et du réel : chez lui comme chez le Gadda analysé par Calvino dans ses Leçons américaines, le monde est un « méli-mélo, un micmac, une pelote » dont il ne faut surtout pas atténuer la complexité inextricable." Extrait du texte "Anatomie de la Coquecigrue" de Viviana Birolli.

For Jimmy Richer, the mediums are never finalities in themselves, but always channels to convey a content and to favor a reading at the same time more attentive and lighter of the art and of the reality: with him as with the Gadda analyzed by Calvino in his American Lessons, the world is a "méli-mélo, a micmac, a pelote" of which it is especially necessary not to attenuate the inextricable complexity. From the text "Anatomy of the Coquecigrue" by Viviana Birolli.


In the temporary exhibition room on the Left Bank

Tuesday to Sunday, from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm and from 1:30 pm to 5 pm

Health pass required for the visit of the exhibition / wearing a mask is mandatory on the whole site.